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Barracuda Email Security Service Step by step configuration (Hosted email security/spam filtering service) – ESS

1. Signup for Free full function trial to test out or as a test drive before subscribe (30day trial).

It will as your company email address and send an email to activate trial ESS.

After successful registration you can use below link to login to ESS control panel.

Login to ESS

 Barracuda 1


This is THE Dashboard of Barracuda Email Security service Hosted control panel.

2.  Start configuration wizard of ESS by clicking “Click here”.

Barracuda 2


 First It will pop-up step by step intial configuration wizard.

* This wizard will ask you to provide Primary email domain(your email domain which you want to secure by spam using Barracuda ESS)

* Email collecting server (your local email server) ip address to push emails after scan.

(these information you can add/change later time by using domain>setting page)

3.  At this point barracuda will show you Primary and secondary MX records you should point your domain to have barracuda spam filtering service to filter incoming emails. Note down these, later step you have to login to your domain registrar to configure MX record.

Barracuda 4

Barracuda ESS required domain ownership changing MX record of your domain control panel you can allow verification. But Here I just use “Email to Postmaster” email verification method. (Because I don’t want to change MX record at this point)

Barracuda 19

Check you inbox and click verification link to validate/verify your domain.

Barracuda 6

 If everything goes well you will get success message.

Barracuda 7

Click “Done” to close Domain verification before you start with Barracuda ESS.

Barracuda 8

 Now you can see under “Domain” tab that your domain is added and marked as successfully verified.

4.  Click setting link again to login to domain management page and to add Mail Collecting server (your on premises) Email server (add your local server name if you skipped it in initial configuration wizard)

Barracuda 9

Click “Add Mail Server” link to introduce your Local Email Server as responsible server to collect email from barracuda SPAM filter service. You can provide you Public IP address or DNS name bind to your office email server.

        Save Changes

Barracuda 10

 5.  If it ask you to verify to domain again(email encryption service) use postmaster email verification as mentioned above.

Barracuda 11


Success verification will show you below image.

Barracuda 12

Barracuda 13

Success of verification will display here and don’t forget to enable Spooling Option to ON. It’s a great feature to keep inbound email with barracuda, if your local email server is unavailable to push emails.

Barracuda 14

 6.  In Outbound setting >Sender IP address page you have to add your outgoing email server IP address to allow barracuda to grant email relay permission through their email scan engine. Without this you will not able to send email outside using barracuda as your smart host.

Barracuda 15

7.  Click “Enter Linking Code” Option to add purchased subscription code to activate you license.

Barracuda 16

If you already purchased Barracuda ESS you will receive a subscription certificate along with SERIAL NO AND LINKING CODE which we going to use to link this trial account with purchased subscription.

Barracuda 17

8.  Okay last thing is to import your all email users to barracuda ESS, so barracuda can easily identified your actual email users to use sender id filtering and to prevent receiving email to fake email address. You can do it by LDAP synchronization with your domain controller or by crating individual email account in ESS.

Open your firewall TCP Port 389 to accept LDAP packed and point it on premises domain controller. Click TEST and then synchronize now to get populate user accounts in to Barracuda ESS.

Barracuda 18

Check it under USERS page > user List sub link.


9.  Furthermore you can change SPAM detection / tagging and deleting level by using domain control panel slider by setting it to desired level.

10.  Now you’re good to go live with Barracuda hosted email security service by changing your exchange server send connector by setting up with smart host to:

And incoming emails by changing MX Record point to:

Check your control panel before adding these servers in your domain control panel.


You’re Done, Good Luck!!

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