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We Provide Cost effective Voice Over IP channels(NCLI)  for best competitive price.

  • Well maintained Gateways around sri lanka covering all mobile operators with best call quality and connectivity time.
  • Enterprise level Soft-switch located in Europe with lowest routing cost to any destination
  • Guaranteed ACD rate over 4.5
  • Many GSM Gateways around the country
  • Dedicated internet line’s UPS Backup
  • Covering all GSM providers

For Individual accounts;

  1. Create an Account – Please request an account by sending an email to: thraraka.sa@gmail.com.  we will email you your new user name and password.
  2. Click below link to download Soft-client and configure the your calling account.

Configuration instructions for Android and iOS

3. Enter user name and password you received via email.

4. Contact Tharaka for recharge your calling account and start talk with your loved ones in sri lanka

For more information’s use below contact;

Contact : tharaka.sa@gmail.com / tharaka40 (skype)

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