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What is a Firewall

The main purpose of a firewall is to separate a secure area from a less secure area and to control communications between the two. A firewall is a security device that can be a software program or a dedicated network appliance. chiefly responsible for controlling inbound and outbound communications on anything from a single machine to an entire network.

Next Generation of Firewall (NGFW)

Analysts define next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) as firewalls enhanced with intrusion prevention and application intelligence

What is a UTM

Unified Threat Management is a comprehensive solution usually applied to software that offers combined services related to Firewalls, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Mail Proxy, Web Proxy, Web Filtering, Antivirus, and Anti-Spam solutions. It is important to have an up-to-date security appliance with the latest technologies if you want to protect your entire network from the constant threats of spam, malware, and hackers. The network security industry came about with popularizing the UTM concept as a comprehensive IT security solution.

What is Open Source Firewall

Commercial firewalls are expensive. Open-source firewalls, such as iptables,  aren’t nearly as easy to use, but they’re quickly catching up in features and functionality found in commercial top branded firewalls. In first place of course the price !?. Yes its amazingly cheep. nearly FREE 🙂 everyone cannot reach the cost of a commercial firewalls.  So having a opensource firewall with same Security features !!. yes just you want to find a person who can give you right opensource firewall solution 🙂



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