Install Google Play on Nokia X2 – step by step

Install Google Play on Nokia X2 – step by step
Hi Nokia X2 Owners,

Nokia X (x, x2 & xl) family is the  Mobile Phone model’s Nokia has released with a Android favor.  It has good hardware Specifications but Android version running in this mobile is very basic, customized android version.. (YES google service’s are not there).

Phone Specifications;

As you purchase you can only access Microsoft APP store to download apps. but unfortunately I have noted most of windows mobile apps not applicable to this phone model either android apps. obviously only some games 🙂

Okay, so if what we install google play store in your Nokia X mobile ? Great!!!

This tool works on Nokia X2-Dual Sim Software version 2.1 ( and

Here is the download link and step by step installation guide.


To enable Developer mode tap 4 time's top of software version.

To enable Developer mode tap 4 time’s top of software version.

verify develper mode is on

Now you will see new “Developer Option” Appeared in Under Settings> System

disable and enable usb debuging

Make sure USB Debugging is enabled. to do that disable and enable USB debugging.

Download Nokia X2 Tools v. 1.2 and run it.


First you have to install drivers of your Nokia X2 mobile on your computer. execute Option 1 to do that. Connect the X2 mobile in to USB port.

1 Install Drivers











Depend on Operating system It will install required drivers (32bit or 64bit). Click Next.

2 installing drivers













Click finish to complete Driver installation.

3 Successfull driver installation











Press any key to continue to initial screen after installation of drivers.

4 Completing driver installation











Now Select 2nd option, Yes it is to Install “Google Play”. parralally unlock your x2 mobile and be in home screen.

5 Installing Google Play











Here its very Important to respond to the Message appear on the mobile at this time.

6 Unlock the phone and respond to message in the phone and continue











Press OK after selecting “Always allow from this computer” Option. this will allow Tool to access your mobile and Install required service of google play.

6.0 Respond to message to allow access to the phone









Here you see the running process to installing google service’s with Google Play.

7 Successfull rooting











Press any key to continue to go back to initial screen again. Anything else!. no that’s it press select 0 to exit this magic tool.

8 exit the Nokia X3 tool











Here you are. google play Store is now available in app list. as usual you can login to play store using your google account. it will ask you to install google service. Accept and go ahead. now you have your favorite all android apps in Nokia mobile.!!!

9 After install Google Play 9.1 after google play installed on X2









Hope this will help you some.!!

Thank You,

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