HP SMART Array RAID Expansion

HP SMART Array RAID/Disk Size Expansion.

Compatible with HP DL380 G7, G6, G5 Servers

Step by Step Image Guide…


Full Video on youtube 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrZ6JlwUJ2A

Scope of work

Expand one HP380 Server Disk Capacity by adding new disks to same array without disturbing to current partition or data on the server.

Current configuration is RAID 5 with 3 Physical disks. 2 logical drives.

Requirement’s for a Live RAID array disk size expansion;

  • HP Smart array with Battery pack.
  • HP Array configuration utility software Ex: 9.4X (you can expand disk size while server is operational. So I’m going to use this option)
  • or SMARTsmart bootable CD. (Need to restart and boot using live boot cd – for this method downtime is required)
  • Compatible New disks as same speed and size of current disks.

STEPS in Short…

  1. Plug new disks
  2. Highlight current array > EXPAND
  3. Selects New disk you want to add to same array > SAVE Wait Until Background parity transform finish
  4. Select Unused space >More information > Extend Logical Drive
  5. Enter required space or select MAX space > SAVE Wait for size transform to finish
  6. Go to host operating system disk management > EXTEND

 Picture Guide,

Here we can see I have one RAID 5 array with 2 Logical Disks, also newly connected 4x300Gb disks as Unassigned Disks.

HP 1


Highlight Current Array > click EXPAND ARRAY

HP 2


  2.   Select Individuals Disk bay’s or Disks Drive Cage’s which you want to include in to previous array for expanding. > Then click SAVE

HP 3


  It just add new disks to the previous array and start process of transformation…

HP 4


Here you can see new RAID 5 disk space as unused space, All the disks are added to array without disturbing its operation

HP 5


Once Transform is finish using Unused space and you can create new virtual disk. So it will appear to the Operating system as a new disk. (But this will not expand current disks)

HP 6


Here its shows you running process in background (Parity expansion/ Transform). This process should be complete for all Virtual logical disks. Worth to wait!! 

HP 7


 Here you see more details about pending virtual disk for transformation

HP 8


 OK Done, now its time to expand desired disk space by adding unused space..

HP 9

 HP 10


 For logical disk expand Click More information >


 HP 11


4.  Here you can enter desired space you want to add and extend particular virtual drive Max: to add all available space to a single virtual disk. Or else you can add capacity as you required to all virtual disk. And remaining space as new virtual disk(a new disk to guest operating system) > click SAVE once you happy about space allocation.

 HP 12


Live disk expanding will be accomplished depending on operating system compatibility. Newer windows operating system support such as expand, shrink in disk management page. But not old operating system like windows 2000.
Click OK >

 HP 13


HP 14


Again!!, it start Transformation process. But now you can see my second virtual disk capacity become 1.5TB by adding new 1.2 Tb capacity.

HP 15


Let it to finish its job.

HP 16


5.  Yes, New Unallocated disk space is appearing in windows disk management window.All you want to do is right click top of allocated space and click EXTEND.

HP 17


Bonus Guide,

HP DL380 G3, G4 Server live saver disk migration/disk space expanding by changing ALL THE ACTIVE DISKS. !!!

I have run in to a requirement to increase a sever disk space by change all 6 Active disks with higher capacity Disks on HP DL380 g4 Server.
Server was fully loaded with 72Gb disks and disk space of raid 5 array was becoming low. we have decide to change all running hard disk with 146 GB disks while server is running and serving to users.

(This is a possible configuration scenario and make sure to have a full data backup before starting this and doing this is your own risk..)

Ok here how it is,,,,,,,,,,

  • we have ordered 6 x 146gb disks and start replacing disks one by one.
  • 1st day remove the first 72gb disk and replace it with new 146gb disk and let it to rebuild disk array.
  • Once rebuilding is completed with replaced disk remove the 2nd disk and insert another 146gb disk.
  • Once we remove a disk RAID array status will be changing to degraded status( mark as disk failure!) and after inserting new disk, RAID controller will start copying old data to new disk.Important matter is you have to wait until rebuild is finish and RAID Array status changing to Optimal. (don’t be hurry to change disks)
  • We have done same exercise by changing 5 disks one by one. once we change the last disk. It shows the extra capacity in array configuration utility.


HP 18

HP 19

 HP 20

 HP 21

 Now Windows 2003 Operating system seeing free disk space. To add free space To current D: drive, We have to use diskpart utility built-in to in to windows.

HP 22

 There are so many article on internet to learn to use diskpart to raw level disk managements.

 HP 23


Hope this informative to you……


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